Things to Consider When Moving Neighbourhoods

Things to Consider When Moving Neighbourhoods

Moving to a completely new neighbourhood can be both an exciting and anxious decision to make in your life. A lot of times there are major factors to consider before making this big life changing decision.

Before you take that big step, let’s explore things to consider when moving neighbourhoods:

Commute to Workplace and School

Depending where you work or if you have children and where they go to school, taking into consideration what your daily commute will look like is a big factor on where you move.

Take the time to map out how you will get to work, whether it is by highway or by public transportation. Take a test run from the proposed new neighbourhood before making a decision. If your daily commute becomes a lot longer, you might be in a better position to keep house shopping.

Also, if you have children, make sure you do your due diligence on finding the right school in the new neighbourhood. Depending on what your preferences are for education, you might be stuck in a position where your child’s future will be altered based on this decision.

Where are your Health Professionals

Moving to new neighbourhoods might mean a further distance to your regular dentist, optometrist, family physician and other health practitioners. If the distance becomes to cumbersome, you might want to research where you can find local heath professionals in the new neighbourhood.

Sometimes this can be overlooked when making the decision to move, but if you have certain specialists that you trust and can’t part ways with, take this point into consideration.

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Once daily commute and places associated to your health are satisfied, now is the time to look closer at amenities in your potential new neighbourhood.

Do you go to the gym? Does your gym have a branch in your new neighbourhood or is there a different gym that might be close to your new home? Take into consideration if you have a contract with your current gym.

Are there particular grocery stores and restaurants that you prefer to go to? Maybe you are a Loblaws kind of shopper, is there one by your new neighbourhood? Maybe you have a particular Italian restaurant that you frequent; do they have a location in your new neighbourhood? Although these points might seem small, depending on how particular you are on amenities that you frequent, take these points into consideration.

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