Home Inspection Tips

Home Inspection Tips

No matter what type of home you’re buying, getting it inspected is one of the most important tasks any homeowner has. Inspections reveal the small little details of a home, and whether or not it requires any work. For most homeowners, especially first time buyers, an inspection can seem like a daunting task, however, one that is necessary. Use these tips we have listed out to help you with buying a home, and rely less on the sellers and their previous inspections. Turning this list into a checklist is especially useful, as you can keep track of what you have inspected already and what is still needed to be done.


  • Check all countertops, droors, and sinks for any damage
  • Check sink water flow and pipes underneath for any leaks
  • Make sure oven top fan is working and pulling air in

Floor, Walls, Ceilings:

  • Check for cracks, flood and water damage
  • Make sure floors are mostly even and not too squeaky


  • Check the pressure and water flow of faucet and shower
  • Make sure the toilet flushes properly and sink and bath drain properly
  • Check for cracks in wall and floor tiles
  • Check cabinets and pipes underneath sink for leaks

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  • Check to see if the electrical panel is accessed easily
  • Make sure wiring has no exposed slices and is in good decision
  • Check to see if there are Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters in the kitchen and bathroom


  • Check shingles for any cracks, rots, missing links, and loose shingles
  • Check to see that the gutters and chimney are in working order

Bring a close family member, an experienced family member, or hire an inspector. Two heads are always better than one, especially when one is experienced and trustworthy.

You might not be able to catch everything yourself, and two pairs of eyes will help in finding the tiniest of details. If it’s a house that you’ve had your eyes set on for a while, it’s also important that you bring somebody along for the sole fact that they won’t already be biased towards buying, and can see some of the negatives that your mind would skip over.

Sometimes, professional home inspections are mandatory within a home purchasing contract. If you really dont trust yourself and DIY home inspections, hire a professional for the ease of mind, just make sure he’s trustworthy.


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